How we increased CVR from 8% to 20% on NGCL’s main page

8% to 20%




3803 on one variant

Site visitors


Who is NGCL?

The National Guild of Certified Locksmiths (NGCL) provides lock-smithing services across the UK, connecting the customer with their range of certified locksmiths. They also provide Locksmiths with a worthwhile, training and operating platform from which to operate their business.

What work were we doing with them?

We were running Google Ads activity for NGCL and we wanted to test different landing page formats to see if we could improve our conversion rates.

NGCL was a relatively unique client for Google Ads as we had to position our ads towards people in the areas where they had active locksmiths on a particular day . Due to this, we created a series of scripts and rules to make sure we reached the right audience and an audience that NGCL had the capacity to help.

When diving into the account more, we also saw that on their current landing page a high number of people were bouncing of the page, and converting them was harder than expected for such a simple conversion path.

Lock related issue > searches for help > contacts for help

In these emergency situations keeping text to a minimum and making CTA’s visible and informative was key. So that’s when we decided to pitch a plan to improve CVR and that’s where UnBounce comes in.

How we tested new landing pages with Un-bounce

We set up an Un-bounce account for NGCL and started working on the main landing page, which we could test against their website using variants with different colours, text, etc to see which performed better.

We also included dynamic text on the landing pages to see how it would impact conversion rates. We also used this in our ads so for example when someone searched for ‘Locksmiths in London’ the ad copy also changed to reflect that.

Immediately after implementing our landing pages, we started to see results, our landing page had a conversion rate of over 20% while the original page sat at 8%. This led to over 800 conversions achieved with 3803 site visitors on one variant alone.

We were testing multiple variants at the same time and can see how they performed at the same time. Our first variant (Variant A) was a basic page to get a baseline of conversion rate which performed pretty well, however when we implemented Variant B which in this case mainly consisted of a change in CTA text we saw much better rates that sat above 20% for the period it was live.

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