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How we re-researched, re-wrote and re-optimised over 400 pieces of content ready for a new website launch.


Content pieces rewritten


Team members working together


Months of work


The Project

Learning People are an online learning platform that offer industry leading courses in tech, development, project management and IT.

They came to us with a 6 month lead time for their new website going live at the start of this year. They had lots of content on their website, however this needed and refresh and needed to be written with a strong SEO focus. That’s where we came in!

Our Approach

There was a lot of work to get through, so the first thing we did was a full technical crawl of the website. This showed us what content was currently on the website, how this was currently performing and how it was categorised.

Once we had this information we categorised the content into a RAG rating (Red, Amber and Green) to see what content should be tackled first. This RAG was set under the conditions of 3 main qualifiers; current traffic the page was getting, the importance of content to the website and keyword search demand.

We ended up with a list of over 400 pieces of content. Our next challenge was how we could effectively relay these suggested amends and edits to the client. We had a couple of main considerations to take into account when deciding on the best format:

  • Multiple people needed access to the content.
  • Multiple people needed to sign off and edit the content – all at one time.
  • Volume of content was high, and therefore it needed to be organised well.
  • We had a deadline we needed to hit, so we would need to ensure we stay on track.

We had a couple of ideas, but working with the client we both agreed on using the project management system called Asana to get sign off.

Using Asana to Organise

We created a master board with different levels of the pipeline in order to show what status the content was in, whether that was “in writing” “Seed QC” or “Ready for QC – Learning People” the board ensured that each level of content was accounted for and easily outlined as to what stage it was at.

We found that using this allowed to account for different members of the Learning People team understanding their workload, whilst ensuring that those wider key stakeholders all had a visual overview should they need to.

We are now coming towards the end of the project and we have completed over nearly 400+ pieces of content that are all written with a clear SEO focus. This gives the website the best chance at performing well in Organic SERPs once it goes live.

We would also love to shout out to the client, in which they made the project really fun, engaging and collaborative to work on and we can’t wait to see the finished project!

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