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Gerry Anderson

Achieved a ROAS of 1,176% and gained 3,743,280 in impressions in 3-months via Facebook and Instagram Paid Social.



Overall transactions





How we achieved a ROAS of 1,175% via Paid Social

Gerry Anderson has been labelled the UK’s equivalent of Walt Disney, creating nostalgic entertainment such as Captain Scarlet, Supercar, Thunderbirds and more.

Our Challenge

The director at Gerry Anderson approached us in 2020 with huge growth aspirations to scale the business. We initially started with PPC, and then expanded to Paid Social to attract a wider audience and compliment our PPC activities. Our challenge was to make Paid Social a profitable revenue stream for Gerry Anderson, working towards a ROAS target of 500%.

Our Approach

We used Paid Social as another avenue to nurture leads through the buyer journey.

We did this by segmenting our campaigns out by top of funnel, middle of funnel and bottom of funnel. These allowed us to tailor specific content and design assets to provide the information users were looking for at the time of the search.

The Results

Within three months of paid social activities we saw an increase in performance across PPC and harboured some great results from our paid social campaigns.

Some notable stats have been listed below!

  • 1,176% ROAS
  • £14,688 Spend
  • 1,048 Overall transactions
  • £42,797 revenue
  • 3,743,280 impressions

Now, fast forward to 2021, we are highly anticipating a US expansion launch to grow the account further.


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