GA4 Setup and Implementation

How we set up and transitioned 32 of our clients Universal Analytics Profiles to GA4 in one month.

32 clients

Set up and implementation of GA4 in one month



The deadline to switch over to GA4 is looming and anyone using Google Analytics needs to switch over to it soon in order to have past data when it comes round to the switch.

We had two challenges on our side in this rollout, persuading clients it was a necessary step to set up GA4 and working on a smooth transition that would ultimately lead to the client having better data after the switch.

Setting up this many properties for our clients has led to us having an exceptionally well thought out process for setting up GA4 properties and we can now get these setup incredibly efficiently for future clients.

After setup we were available to clients for any questions on how to use GA4, add more conversions and build custom reports.

What is GA4?

GA4 is the latest version of Google Analytics (GA) which can combine data from apps and websites. GA4 is a completely new way of looking at analytics, with an updated interface and reporting capabilities it’s a long way ahead of the widely-used Universal Analytics. 

Our process for setting up GA4

Firstly we put a lot of research into our clients to make sure that we understand their websites, customers and industry. We will talk to clients about what actions on their website they are interested in and will include the ones we believe are useful to track. 

Thanks to these early discussions we are able to understand what is important to the client and setup conversion actions that the client may not have realised we could track. Whilst also understanding the different CMS’s and what restrictions they will have when transitioning. 

We then grouped low, medium and high intent action which consisted of conversion events of varying degrees of importance. Low intent being site visits, button clicks, etc and High being the email sign-ups, purchases, etc.

Grouping these actions then helps later in building a custom report that uses these intent action groups to measure customer engagement across channels.

We then worked on a Google Tag Manager audit. We don’t want to add to a Tag Manager account that is already confusing and isn’t structured well. So, we clean these up and make sure all tags are in folders so that it’s easier to understand.

We then set up the GA4 property and all our conversion actions in Tag Manager.

The results

In doing this project for our client base, we ensured that they would have year on year data when the change comes into play in 2023. What’s more – it gives us the peace of mind that everything is set up as we would wish!

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