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Our TikTok Advertising Services

It may come as no surprise that TikTik is one of the leading social media platforms currently. Used by over 150 million Millennials and Gen Zs, if your brand can be marketed towards this demographic, TikTok advertising should be a no-brainer. With TikTok’s unique algorithm, your brand can boost engaged user numbers, build awareness and have the chance of going viral. It’s time to face the facts and capitalise on TikTok’s capabilities.

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What are the benefits of Tiktok Advertising

TikTok advertising presents an unlimited realm of opportunities waiting for you to take advantage. This style of marketing allows freedom to be creative, innovative and show brand personality. With a plethora of videos circulating on the app, you can market your brand in a way you never have before and ignite conversations between you and your direct audience.

Having a team of social media specialists who can do your organic social media management and paid social advertising on Tiktok means that you can reach and engage with your brand’s target audience in a modern and interesting way that leads to improved brand affinity and eventually better conversions.

Seed’s Tiktok Advertising Services

At Seed, we offer creative and comprehensive TikTok advertising services that are designed to fit your brand’s needs, financial capabilities and industry. If you haven’t started planning your TikTok advertising strategy, now’s the time to consult with one of our paid media specialists and start mapping out how to reach your organisation’s goals now.

We have a super talented bunch of social media experts who spend way too much time on Tiktok and can therefore help you stay on top of any relevant trends. What’s more, our in-house design team can take whatever creative vision you may have and turn it into reality.

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TikTok is still in its early days of advertising, but we have social media experts who can apply their experience in other platforms and are excited to introduce you to this new platform. Discover the power of short-form video content and start your TikTok advertising journey with us today.

If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch with our team, and talk to a content specialist today!

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