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SEO for Start-ups

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Our SEO for Start-ups Services

Search Engine Optimisation can be tricky to get right for any business, but you can have a real challenge on your hands as a Start-up business.

As a Start-up, your business needs to gain visibility online quickly, but how do you do that without the legacy domain authority? 

Your target audience will not be searching for your brand name if they haven’t heard of you. That’s why SEO for Start-ups is a must. 

If you’ve been struggling to grow your organic traffic, our SEO for Start-ups provides the perfect foundation to address this common problem. 

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We have a friendly, collaborative, and productive relationship with Seed that feels more like an extension of our own team than working with another company. They have taken pains to learn and adapt to what works for our slightly unusual business and created SEO and PPC campaigns that have increased our brand profile, traffic, and sales.

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What makes SEO for Start-ups different?

In short, absolutely nothing – apart from the sizeable task you have at hand straight away. Luckily, Google doesn’t care whether your business is a Start-up, or a long established business.

What it does care about is connecting people with the information they want based on the search query, and providing the best user experience.

Make an Impact on SERPs Straight Away

It can be tempting to cut corners on the SEO work in order to gain traction and build domain authority quickly. However, this can have the opposite effect that you are looking for.

With new Google algorithm updates dominating the way we work as SEO experts, it is important to adhere to best practices to avoid the dreaded Google penalties!

How do I compete with legacy, high domain authority businesses in SERPs?

We are not suggesting that as a Start-up business one month into doing SEO that you will be dominating SERPs. But – what we are saying is that there are many SEO tactics for Start-ups that can help your business increase visibility, and gain market share. 

SEO is all about awarding high ranking positions to pages that provide the relevant information, therefore having a clear and concise strategy is key to success.

How can SEO for Start-ups Service help my business? 

When done well, SEO for Start-ups can help your business to:

  • Communicate effectively with customers ensuring your message is delivered with clarity.
  • Boosts rankings in SERPS, to drive traffic to your website.
  • Increase visibility in SERPs and gain domain authority. 
  • Position your brand as the market leaders.
  • Drive traffic to your website, and increase revenue.


+629% increase in revenue from PPC UK account year on year, scaled revenue for the Google AUS account & generated a 566% ROAS from Display Ads.

AS3 Performance

+815 % increase in revenue for organic traffic, 400% increase in new users and 433% increase sessions to the website from organic traffic.

World of Books UK

Increased revenue by 1,029% year-on-year through Google Ads, Bing Ads & Google Shopping.

How can Seed help you with SEO for Start-ups? 

As a business that started in the CEO’s bedroom, we have been there. We understand the immediate and longer term challenges that can come with building a brand. 

There is nothing more rewarding for us than to help to grow a business from the ground up using SEO. When working with a Start-up we love to celebrate the wins, and tackle the challenges together to help us all achieve the end goal. 

Our skilled team has years of experience and understands how to best market your business through SEO for Start-ups to help grow online visibility. 

If you are interested in finding out more, please. Get in touch with our team, and talk to an SEO for Start-ups expert today!

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