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SEO for B2B

Understand your audience and target more effectively using SEO for B2B


Our SEO for B2B Services

SEO can provide a great revenue stream for your business. Having a strong online presence and visibility across all areas of the buying cycle is a proven way to accelerate business growth. 

In order for success, it is vital to understand the difference between SEO for B2B and SEO for B2C. So – what is the answer? 

If you’ve been struggling to grow your organic traffic, our SEO for B2B provides the perfect foundation to address this common problem. 

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Seed are absolutely awesome to work with. They seriously live and breathe SEO and PPC. What they’ve done for Let’s Do This has been incredible, we’re lucky to have them on our team. You simply have to work with these guys!

Sam Brown, Let's Do This

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What is SEO for B2B?

B2B SEO, or business to business SEO is a set of tactics used within a strategy to drive traffic to the website via organic search. 

A successful B2B SEO strategy places a business’ website in front of users when they are actively searching for the services or products the business offers. 

Understanding your market with key analytical insights 

In order to target using SEO for B2B it is crucial to understand more about who your target audience are. Now – who you think they are, and who they actually are may come as a surprise!

We use data-driven research initially to underpin who your target audience is. The next step?  How to reach them.

SEO tactics to target based on the buyer journey

Search engines have become the primary method of research for business buyers at all stages in the decision making process. 

From transactional pages (such as product pages), to informational pages (such as FAQs & guides) it is important to target all stages of the buyer journey to provide the information they need. We work hard to understand your business, and your audience. This informs what type of content we write, with what targeting to reach your ideal customer.

People buy from people no matter what the industry

The rise in internet searches is at an all time high. Everyone turns to search engines in order to find the information they desire, so we know the volume is there. 

The key to success then is understanding how users buying on behalf of a business may alter their search terms and purchasing habits, than those buying for themselves. 

More than 70% of B2B researchers admit that they start their buying process with a generic search. So it seems like a no brainer for investment, right?


How can SEO for B2B services help my business?

Done well, SEO for B2B can help:

  • Communicate effectively with customers ensuring your message is delivered with clarity.
  • Boost rankings in SERPS to drive traffic to your website.
  • Increase domain authority of your website, thus increasing rankings.
  • Position your brand as the market leaders.
  • Drive the right traffic to your website, and increase revenue.

How can Seed help you with SEO for B2B?

Our skilled team has years of experience and understands how to best market your business through SEO for B2B to help grow online visibility. 

If you are interested in finding out more, please. Get in touch with our team, and talk to an SEO for startups expert today!

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