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Our SEO copywriting services

We’re proud to be the SEO copywriters of choice for both leading brands and many SMEs and startups. We help businesses achieve higher rankings on search engines making them more visible to the customers who want to find them.

Our focus is on producing top-quality, authentic content, and our team of passionate and experienced writers deliver valuable, intelligent copy that will resonate with and motivate your audience.


Case Studies

Gaining visibility SERPs using targeted content

There is a depth of information available which is constantly evolving and improving in order to provide online users with the best content to suit their searches.

SERPs can not only allow you to communicate with your current online audience, it allows you to expand your reach and engagement to new users. This helps to drive organic traffic to your website, thus increasing revenue and helping your business grow.

We understand how people search to get the content to suit their needs. How do we know this? We are all avid online users ourselves!

If you want your content to stand out through the online noise, it needs not only to be well written and engaging but also carefully constructed to tick all of Google’s boxes.

Why choose Seed for SEO copywriting?

Long gone are the days where keyword stuffing would help your website rank on page one. Now Google prioritises valuable, well-written, informative content. With continuous Google Algorithm updates that favour content, it is now more important than ever.

To create a successful business website, you need to populate your pages with content that captures visitor’s attention and shows what you have to offer. To do this, you need SEO copywriting – an intelligent and advanced approach to writing for the web that combines the art of writing persuasively and optimising content for search engines.

Doing so will increase the amount of organic traffic to your website and inform and persuade those who arrive there, thus converting your readers into loyal customers.

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