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Ensure your website is suitable for mobile devices with mobile SEO optimisation services.

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We Understand the Importance of Mobile SEO Optimisation

Did you know that over 50% of all internet sessions worldwide start on a mobile device? In fact, Google recently announced that around 58% of total searches now come from a mobile device. This is a huge audience that is expecting a seamless online experience on their smartphones.

A major challenge previously has been ensuring that your website can be optimised for both desktop and mobile, but the world is changing and this is now a vital part of any online businesses strategy. Following the mobile first update – it has now, never been as important!

Mobile SEO Optimisation techniques ensure that users can still access your website through any mobile device with ease, without having to sacrifice website quality or experience.

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What is Mobile SEO Optimisation?

Mobile SEO Optimisation is the process of ensuring that your website looks great while also functioning correctly on any mobile device. Mobile SEO Optimisation focusses on allowing your audience to have a seamless experience on your website, whether on a desktop or mobile in order to keep the user engaged.

Why is Mobile SEO Optimisation Important?

With more and more people around the world choosing a mobile device to browse the internet, Google now uses what is called a ‘mobile-first index’ in order to crawl and rank web pages. In simple terms, this means that Google will first crawl and read the mobile version of your website first. If your website is not optimised for  mobile, this will severely affect your search results, which will lead to a reduced amount of organic traffic and revenue.

What does our Mobile SEO Optimisation Service Include?

Every SEO Strategy we put together here at Seed is bespoke and based on your own targets and KPI’s. We always begin our work with a kick-off workshop in order to understand more about your business, your goals and your aspirations.

How is Mobile SEO different from standard SEO techniques?

The normal SEO techniques are transferable to mobile search engines, meaning any changes you make to your desktop website content will still boost your mobile search performance. This means that all SEO optimisation should help boost your search rankings whether the user is browsing on a mobile, desktop or tablet.

The main difference with mobile SEO is that it focuses specifically on the user experience of your website when someone accesses it on a mobile. More than 50% of online users have said that they are less likely to interact with a company again if they have a bad experience with a website on mobile. Ensuring your website is optimised for mobile reduces the chance of users bouncing from your site therefore increasing the chances of online sales or leads.

Want to hear more about our Mobile SEO Services?

Our team of young and enthusiastic SEO experts here at Seed have years of experience in mobile SEO optimisation, and love a new challenge!

If you think that a Mobile SEO  Agency sounds right for you, please get in touch with our team! We will be more than happy to chat more about our Mobile SEO Optimisation services.

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