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Our Keyword Research Service

Search engines are constantly evolving in order to provide users with the best content and information suited to their searches. Whether searchers have changed the way they search in engines or if search engines have changed to suit the user is an old age question. 

If you’ve been struggling to grow your organic traffic, our keyword research service provides the perfect foundation to address this common problem.

We’re often asked by businesses why keyword research is important to help grow organic traffic and it’s simple – without understanding how your online target audience is searching, you may struggle to be found. It is vital to apply this search data to your website’s content.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process of optimising a websites content in order to improve its organic visibility in search engines. As an audience with millions of pages of information at our finger tips – we presume listings on the first page will give the best information – therefore do not look further.

If your website is not performing well in SERPs you are potentially missing out of valuable traffic – and future customers!

Although an ongoing activity, initial keyword research is first done in the research stage. Here we can find information about your online presence – looking into target audiences, brand and competitors in the market.

Current online presence – It is important to first analyse how your business is performing in SERPs. Are you using the right keywords to attract the right audience? Are you using keywords in your content? Have you got content to adhere to all users in the funnel?

Competition – It is also important to look at the competition. How do your competitors perform in SERPs? Are you targeting similar or the same keywords in your strategy? How can you improve and dominate more SERPs space.

Brand – Keyword research is a great opportunity for us to learn more about your brand. What are your primary keywords? What are your secondary, longer tail keywords? How can we put together a strategy to reach all of these.

Delivering a keyword focussed SEO strategy to drive traffic

At Seed, we pride ourselves in making a difference to your business with our comprehensive keyword research which feeds into our overall SEO strategy and recommendations. Our process is simple but effective, concise and flexible to meet the growing needs of your business.

Our strategy incorporates menu structure recommendations, meta data updates, content expansion and opportunities and more!  Whether you’re selling products or services, keyword research is fundamental to all areas of your online presence and can also help open the door to new opportunities on your website.

Why Choose Seed For Keyword Research?

We understand the importance of generating good quality traffic to websites, and a fundamental part doing so is by ensuring that keyword targeting is accurate. For this reason, we place significant emphasis on keyword research as an extremely valuable service that can help define everything from a website’s structure to identifying gaps in the market.

If you would like more information about how we have helped other businesses to grow their organic reach, please visit our case study page, or get in contact with us.

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