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JAMstack websites can be faster, more secure and easier to scale compared to conventional monolithic CMS systems such as WordPress, Magento or Drupal.

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Optimising JAMstack Websites for Search

Whilst JAMstack websites are extremely powerful, with customisable solutions for your particular business, there can sometimes be issues with SEO. For example, in recent years, Google is much better at crawling and indexing sites built predominantly with Javascript, but if internal links aren’t rendered in HTML, Google will be unable to find, crawl and index these pages.

What’s more, some of the standard SEO recommendations need to be adapted to suit websites built in this way. Attention needs to be paid to whether a website leverages server side or client side rendering, and also what other technologies are being used to build the site. All of these things can throw a spanner in the works, leading to a site that is either not discoverable or unable to compete in SERP’s with other competitors.

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Adapting technical SEO fundamentals to win with JAMstack

The fundamentals of our technical SEO strategy stay the same, even when adapting them for JAMstack. The issue we look for occur in both standard monolithic CMS systems and JAMstack, like poorly implemented URL structure and hierarchy, a low amount of internal links, and badly optimised SEO data. All of these factors can contribute to poor rankings, but thankfully, they can all be fixed.

Although JAMstack websites are built for the user, this doesn’t mean they can’t be optimised for search engines.

That’s where we come in.

If you have poor URL structure and hierarchy, we will look to restructure your site to be optimised for users and search engines. Low amount of internal links? We’ll carry out a full internal links audit to discover what your most important pages are, and which are lacking links. What about badly optimised SEO data? We’ve got that covered. One of the first jobs we carry out is a full keyword research and mapping exercise to optimise your data.

Why choose Seed for your JAMstack SEO requirements?

With a dedicated team at your fingertips, your website will have the best possible chance at ranking ahead of its competitors. And with a culture rooted in learning and development, we’ll always be on the cutting edge of technical SEO techniques when it comes to JAMstack websites.

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JAMstack stands for Javascript, API and Markup. Sites built with this architecture tend to be much quicker than other sites that use monolithic CMS systems, due to the fact that pages are pre-built during a build process, meaning the user is served pages at lightning fast speeds. This coupled with delivering assets like images over CDN’s means your site will far outperform competitors who are using old fashioned systems.

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