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There are over 4  billion people worldwide who use email actively, and this is only increasing. Compared to other platforms, not one comes close to this amount of daily active users.  Are you capitalising on one of the most powerful digital marketing services currently? Are you using email marketing to compliment your existing marketing efforts?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect your brand with the right customers with email marketing services. With Seed’s team of energetic, knowledgeable digital experts, you can have an email marketing strategy that reaches your business goals and expands your reach across all platforms. 

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What is Email Marketing?

When it comes to generating and converting leads, email marketing can be one of the most powerful ways to do this. Despite the growth and prominence of new marketing tactics like influencer and video marketing, although old school, around 61% of consumers still prefer to be interacted with via email

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy used by many businesses worldwide to increase brand recognition, drive conversions and build customer relationships and loyalty. 

Begin your email marketing journey today and discover the most effective marketing strategy to nurture your leads through the buyer funnel.

Why is Email Marketing So Important?

Failure to understand email marketing and its power will put you at a disadvantage against your competitors. If you’re not willing to maximise your email campaigns to suit your growing audience and consumer traffic, then interest will start to decline. 

Don’t let this be the case for your business. Capitalise on targeted email marketing services and build a fool-proof strategy with a dedicated team of professionals. What’s more – Email Marketing Services can be a great complimentary service to help boost performance of your other marketing channels for example, PPC, Paid Social and SEO.

How can email marketing help Paid Media and SEO?

Can email marketing work alongside other marketing channels? Yes! Email marketing works well with a range of services, so if you are already optimising your website, running ads and boosting socials, email marketing will only help its success. Here are some ways email marketing can help paid media and SEO:

  • Lead quality scoring 
  • Sharing of data with your CRM & channels 
  • Using segmented lists to help target niche audiences 
  • Another platform to re-market to
  • Automated emails (like abandon cart) can help boost traffic & conversions

At Seed, we offer a comprehensive email marketing service designed to fit your brand’s needs, financial capabilities and industry. If you haven’t started your email marketing planning, now’s the time to consult with an email marketing specialist and start mapping out how to reach your organisation’s goals. 

How can Email Marketing Services help my business? 

Done well, email marketing can help:

  • Reach customers in real-time
  • Communicate in-depth information
  • Build credibility & brand awareness 
  • Connect with more customers
  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase conversions and leads 

Seed’s Approach to Email Marketing Services

We put our clients’ needs and aspirations at the forefront of our email marketing campaigns. We will work with you directly to create the perfect strategy moving forward, acting like an extension of your team. 

Depending on your email marketing goals, we provide different targeted email marketing services. Our services are split up into 4 main areas, but not limited to: 

Benchmarking & Research:

Understanding your business and industry starts here. Comprehensive research will help us to shape KPI’s to enable you to achieve your business goals and objectives. 

  • Competitor research
  • KPIs benchmarking
  • Industry research


Audit & Strategy: 

This phase will be establishing your current data and how it is organised and used. Our experts will handle your data and make sure that it is GDPR compliant according to the current standards. We will then put a strategy together moving forward to make sure that your audience is receiving the most relevant emails, increasing engagement and conversions. 

  • Current data organisation 
  • Website integration 
  • GDPR compliance 
  • Road map of upcoming campaigns 
  • Content strategy 

Design Overview:

Design is a large part of email marketing, if your email has a great design, the likelihood of clicks increases. At Seed, we have in-house designers that will work with you to create the perfect template for your email campaigns that are in line with your brand guidelines.

  • Current template overview 
  • New template design 
  • Expert design advice 
  • Brand guideline overview 

Campaign Management & Reporting:

You will have ongoing communication with your team and project manager making sure that your campaigns are monitored. Monthly campaign reports will be generated to track the success of your email campaigns, allowing us to be 100% transparent with you. 

  • Campaign management 
  • Bespoke reporting 
  • Monthly on-going external meetings 

 How can Seed help your business with our Email Marketing Services

Our skilled team has years of experience and understands how to best market your business through email marketing your brand and increasing leads and conversions.

If you are interested in finding out more, please. Get in touch with our team, and talk to an email marketing specialist today!  

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