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Our Backlink Audit Services

Are bad backlinks hindering your efforts towards building a well-ranking website? Carrying out a full backlink audit can help you to uncover the toxic links that could be hindering your SEO efforts.

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What is a Backlink Audit?

A backlink audit is an evaluation of all the links pointing to your website. It is an essential step for checking a site’s SEO health and is a large aspect of best technical SEO practices. A backlink audit will help to identify harmful and valuable backlinks that are connected to your site, thus potentially impacting your SEO success.

The key to ranking well in SERPs, thus increasing organic traffic is maintaining a healthy backlink profile. Want to know what your backlink profile looks like? Our experts identify and deal with any toxic backlinks that your website might have.

Long gone are the days of buying backlinks – so if you know your website may have some dangerous links pointing towards it, it is best to investigate and get these links disavowed by our technical SEO professionals.

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How can a backlink audit complement SEO?

Technical SEO is the term for quite a large umbrella of SEO tactics, and a backlink audit is included in this list. Cleaning your backlink profile is one of the many best technical SEO practices to carry out. A backlink audit can be simple to do and it can make the world of difference to the health of your website and overall SEO.

Many websites, old and new, will have never taken a look at their backlink profile – don’t let this be the case for your business!

At Seed, we offer backlink audit services that can be introduced to an ongoing SEO strategy or as a standalone project. Our backlink audit service is designed to work around your businesses current activities to help boost your marketing efforts.

Seed’s Approach to Backlink Audits

Firstly, we will assess your current marketing activities and conduct a full backlink audit of your website to find any harmful links that may be directly impacting your overall health score.

We will then work with you to filter out the harmful links to improve your site’s health score. To remove these links, we will disavow them to ensure that Google doesn’t use these links as a ranking score. Remember – the more toxic backlinks, the bigger negative impact this can have on your SEO.

A backlink audit should be carried out frequently, depending on the age and size of your website. Older websites and ones that have more brand awareness might even consider monthly backlink audits, as a regular housekeeping SEO practice.

How can Seed help your website’s health with our backlink audit Services?

Our skilled team has a breadth of experience and understands that backlink audits are important for your site’s authority and health! Start your backlink audit journey with us today and uncover any areas that may be hindering your current and future SEO activities.

If you are interested in finding out more, please. Get in touch with our team, and talk to a technical SEO specialist today!

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