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Our Reddit PPC Agency Services

One of the most important factors of an effective digital marketing approach is reaching potential customers wherever they are on the web. Working with a Reddit PPC agency can allow brands to reach audiences they aren’t reaching elsewhere, boasting unduplicated reach compared to other social media channels.

Our Reddit ppc agency specialists can utilise the platform’s unique community based landscape alongside other social channels such as Facebook & Instagram to create a holistic marketing approach for your brand, reaching users all across the web for both remarketing & lead generation activity.

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Why use Reddit Ads?

Users visit Reddit for very different reasons compared to other social channels – Users come to be informed by conversations with other users in their chosen communities. Typically Users spend more of their time engaging with brands at the consideration stage, seeking product/brand information. As a result we find that Reddit users often engage with the site by specifically searching for user reviews.

Community lead subreddits have formed around almost every topic on the web, ranging from the broad to the vastly specific – This offers the perfect opportunity for accurate interest based targeting approaches for brands in any industry.

How does Reddit bill?

Reddit functions similarly to Google & Facebook ads, in that they run ad space as an auction – This means that the more competitive a topic/industry, the more you will need to pay to appear higher up the page.

Finding the right targeting options can be tricky – in many instances the most competitive subreddits might not actually be the most effective placements for a businesses ads – Our team specialises in finding communities of active relevant audiences for any topic/industry, with comparisons and forecasts breaking down some of the most expensive ad spaces, to the more niche & subsequently cheaper alternatives – leaving the client in control of their budget.

Where do Reddit ads sit on a conversion funnel?

Reddit ads can be utilised for both prospecting & remarketing activities, reaching users at any stage of the funnel, however reddit users spend the majority of their time in the consideration phase – comparing brands to competitors and directly asking their chosen communities for assistance.

A sound USP based marketing approach on reddit can capitalise on this – PPC activity at the comparison stage of purchasing is one of the most important factors as to whether your brand is chosen by a user over a competitor. Making sure your brand’s USPs are seen by individuals at this stage gives you the best chance at influencing their final purchasing decision.

How can Reddit ads help my business?

With the right targeting & copy, Reddit ads can help a business/brand in the following ways:

  • Reach audiences they aren’t reaching elsewhere
  • Target communities from almost every industry and topic on the web
  • Flexible bidding means ads can work for both small & large ad budgets
  • Cheaper CPC bids compared to other social media platforms
  • Reddit’s highly engaged user base is more likely to engage directly with your ads

How can Seed help with your brand’s Reddit ads activity?

Our team specialises in finding the right audience for your brand – ranging from users who are directly aware of your brand / products presence and are actively searching for information, or users who share interests & behaviours with repeat purchasers, and as a result are the prime candidates for prospecting activity.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Seed can assist your brand’s Reddit activity, get in touch with our team at

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