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Our PPC Lead Generation Services

As a lead generation business, it is important to have a constant stream of leads coming through for relevant queries. PPC advertising generates quality leads effectively while staying within your budget. Without the guidance of a PPC expert and team, you could run the risk of overspending while not gaining any new leads.

If you’ve been struggling to grow your enquiries, our Lead Generation PPC services provide the perfect foundation to address this common problem.

Ready to talk to a Lead Generation PPC expert? Pop us an email on enquiries@helloseed.co.uk.

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What is Lead Generation PPC?

Lead Generation PPC is the process of using PPC advertising in order to drive users to your website via paid traffic, thus increasing leads. The more users, the more leads!

How does PPC and lead generation work together?

Gaining leads online can be difficult, but utilising marketing activities like PPC ads can help out massively. With perfectly placed ads on popular search engines, users will find your website easier which in turn drives more traffic to your targeted pages.

The importance of lead quality with PPC

The importance of lead quality has become a pivotal part of businesses strategies,- and gaining them is not so easy.

It’s common to hear businesses gaining leads, but are they the right ones, this then dilutes their pipeline.  Does this sound familiar?

Simply having a website exist is no longer enough, to keep up with your competitors you need to stay ahead and make use of all the marketing channels at your disposal. By having a quality PPC lead generation strategy targeting your preferred audience, you will generate more quality leads.

How to use lead generation PPC to attract, nurture and convert your pipeline

There are many different advertising methods that can be used in order to appeal to each target audience within the buyer funnel. This is done by specific and purposeful targeting methods using search campaigns alongside display remarketing.

In PPC we build our campaigns based around the buyer journey, this includes targeting users in different stages of the top middle funnel.

Have a lead in the awareness stage? Let’s build a search campaign targeting your longer tail keywords to drive them towards your site.

Have a lead in the consideration stage, let’s nurture that lead with a campaign targeting primary, transactional keywords to nudge them to a conversion.

How Seed can help with our lead generation PPC services

Our skilled team has years of experience and understands how to best market your business through PPC for lead generation to help grow online visibility and traffic.

If you are interested in finding out more, please. Get in touch with our team, and talk to a PPC Lead Generation Agency today!

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