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Expand your reach and discover new markets with international PPC ads


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Grow your business with an international PPC agency

Have you hit a ceiling with your current PPC reach? Are you looking at international PPC, but unsure where to start? Good news – you have come to the right place. 

When looking at expanding your businesses reach via PPC advertising it can be a daunting task and one that needs thorough research to uncover where your potential customers are searching from and how. If you’re thinking, which country should we target next? We help businesses choose the best international markets to move into based on their industry, logistical set up and rising trends, to ensure you’re heading in the right direction.

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Seed have been with us since the very start of our Google Ads journey and have handled the challenge of a complex account by combining hard work, intelligence and a flexibility that is second to none.

Daffy Kyle

Marketing Manager, World of Books

Could your business benefit from an international expansion PPC strategy?

International PPC is the next natural way to grow a business. As online becomes more prevalent than ever, there is a huge opportunity to propel your brand into new markets and increase your customer base by targeting new locations. 

With a range of tools and expertise at our fingertips we can uncover the correct colloquial phrases and cultural differences to target the new market appropriately and efficiently.


Target your customers, wherever they are searching

Customer behaviours are changing. From country to country there is a different way of searching for the same product or service. We analyse each country separately, with bespoke PPC expansion strategies formulated for each.

Increased Scalability

There is no ceiling here. We can uncover the next best opportunity for your business and help to grow your presence internationally.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Beat competitors to the international marketing and expand your reach in an instant.

Grow your Business

Increase brand awareness internationally and open up unlimited opportunities for your business to grow.

Why choose Seed for international PPC advertising?

At Seed, we use smarter, data-driven marketing to consolidate PPC expansion strategies  to help businesses grow. We are led by the latest trends, market analysis and in-depth keyword research. 

We like to work as an extension of your in-house team, helping to identify the growth opportunities from PPC advertising. We help to launch businesses into new markets and find new customers through specialised international PPC strategies. Our designer specialises in Google display ad creation and is able to alter these assets for specific regions. This helps spread brand awareness for your international expansion in new territories and markets. 

We have built a bespoke tool that translates your product feed to any language you want to expand into, uncovering multiple opportunities for expansion. 

As Google Partners we have access to our own team of native speakers who will work with us to consolidate and quality check all international ad copy. 

Let’s start the conversation

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