Joining Seed – Tom


6th February, 2019

3 min


Joining Seed – Tom

I’m Tom, a brand spanking new member of elite Seed crew having joined the team around two weeks ago. I don’t believe they realise yet that i’m a double agent working for the Russians – my cover is intact for the moment…


Before Seed

I’ve been in the academic sphere for what feels like an eternity interspersed with some full/part time work in media amongst other areas. Thankfully all the work and not much play didn’t result in me being too much of a dull boy and it helped me define my passions like film, writing, art and media in general.

Now, we jump in our metaphorical time machine to the point when I arrived in Brighton to start my Digital Media MA at the University of Sussex. I knew that the city was a place that I could call home. Open minded, great food, great scenery and even better people compounded that for me. I just had to stay! Throughout my studies I worked for a phone company and also dabbled in dropshipping to earn some extra income to support myself. It was while exploring the dropshipping avenue that I first discovered SEO, and this sparked my interest greatly due to its power & potential.


Life with Seed

Though I’ve only been with the company a short while; the positive aspects of working within Seed have shone through even since the initial interview. Culture, from what I can see is super important – though everyone here is an individual they all seem to come together as one and have great relationships.

One thing that I love about Seed from what I can see is that development is something that is given a huge amount of priority. We’re invited to explore and be curious about different areas of the digital space that we can use to help the company and our clients – to know that our input and development is important and valued is a major positive!

As for the role itself – being able to leverage data, words and other technical aspects in order to optimise and improve performance and to see the real financial gain is something that I love learning about and implementing here. The fact that I’m seeing certain elements that tie into my degree is also amazing whilst learning every day from highly skilled media professionals. I look forward to seeing where my journey at Seed takes me…

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