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We can help you make the switch to GA4 and ensure the correct setup to track your website data accurately

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Having accurate and actionable data is crucial to the success of your business.

With Universal Analytics being sunset in July 2023, you’ll need to switch over to GA4 in time to ensure you are still tracking everything you need to.

The key benefits of a GA4 upgrade:

  • Enhanced tracking capabilities – GA4 includes more granular tracking options for events, which allows for a more detailed understanding of user behaviour.
  • Improved user journey analysis – GA4 provides a more holistic view of the customer journey, giving insights into how users interact with your website across multiple devices and touchpoints.
  • AI-powered insights –  GA4 uses machine learning to provide valuable insights and predictions, such as identifying audiences with high purchase intent or predicting which users will likely churn.

Case Studies

At Seed, we have a lot of experience in setting up and optimising Google Analytics accounts for clients of all sizes and industries. In fact, in one month we once set up GA4 accounts for 32 different clients. Read the case study here.

What you can expect from our GA4 set-up service:

  • Consultation – We’ll contact you to understand your business goals, website structure, and tracking requirements.
  • Account creation – We’ll set up a new GA4 account for you or upgrade your existing account to GA4.
  • Configuration – We’ll configure your account settings, including custom dimensions, goals, and conversion tracking.
  • Integration – We’ll ensure that GA4 is integrated with your website correctly and that all necessary tracking tags are in place.
  • Testing – We’ll perform thorough testing to ensure that your data is tracking correctly and reliably.
  • Reporting – We’ll set up custom reports and dashboards to give you a clear picture of your website performance and user behaviour.

With our GA4 setup service, you’ll have a team of people working to swap you over to GA4 creating all the conversion actions and audiences you require to carry out your business after UA is sunset. Get in touch with us for more information.

GA4 is the latest version of Google Analytics (GA) which can combine data from apps and websites. GA4 is a completely new way of looking at analytics, with an updated interface and reporting capabilities it’s a long way ahead of the widely-used Universal Analytics.

Your UA will stop processing data on the 1st July. After that point no more data will go into this account and you will lose tracking.

Even Google doesn’t recommend that tool at the moment! Our setup will be from scratch and will ensure everything works and takes advantage of GA4s new features. The auto setup uses the same UA events and doesn’t utilise any of the benefits of GA4.

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