Tom Kavanagh

Technical SEO

If you could pour Tom’s technical SEO knowledge into a glass, you’d probably send it back and accuse the bartender of mugging you off for a full pint. But his relentless pursuit of a solution is akin to a dog trying to eat a spoonful of peanut butter; it’s thorough, it’s hilarious, and ultimately, the dog gets the job done.

Just like the dog who enjoys peanut butter, Tom enjoys a technical SEO challenge. He thrives off solving big problems affecting extensive e-commerce sites, having been up against issues ranging from Google penalties to a button that stops a site being indexed. He’s got all the answers.

What does Tom do while he’s not trying to fix our clients websites? Surprisingly, he has a creative side, enjoying writing and, more surprisingly, knitting on occasion. He also loved running, until a massive (tiny) injury derailed his dreams of winning gold at the next olympics. And what’s his main goal in life, you may ask? To become Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. What a nerd right?

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